What is philosophy? What are philosophers? Why are they?

A philosopher is someone who is constantly concerned with *how* to live. In other words: what is the right way? Not because of authority, but because it is our inner truth.

And he shares and talks about that a lot?


Because he knows the world sucks, he is in tremendous pain, and he wants to be happy and have a better world.

Every man should be, in my opinion, a philosopher. Making his own life better and those of his loved ones and his community.

He does that through his mastery of conception of ideation, relying on his senses.

How to Find Truth (and why it’s so hard)

Finding truth feels mortally and existentially threatening.

Remember when Socrates took the boy out into the river who was looking for truth?

What would you answer to these questions?

1. If you were being lied to and deceived—even by people who you thought loved you—for your entire life, would you want to know the truth?
2. Are you willing to have an open mind to new information that may contradict what you previously believed?
3. Are you willing to trust your own senses, experience, and logic above any authority figure, “expert”, or group of these?

ConSpiriCast 002 (020)

This is basically me barfing out truth because I can’t hold it in anymore. Warning: VERY EXPLICIT themes. Also, naughty words.

A survey of lies we believe. Especially talking about horrific abuse and abusers and why it/they are protected.

The 420 Solution for Sexual Freedom

How do we get the laws changed around free sexual association and family creation for consenting adults?

The 420 Solution baby!

The Revolution Begins

In which I discuss how much I learned about sex in Europe, how much we still have to learn in the US, and what I and perhaps you are going to do about it.

Channeling/Mediumship are Deceptions

You cannot pick up a spiritual phone and speak to your dead relatives. It is impossible.

You can speak to people claiming to be dead relatives. Or Jesus. Or Mary Magdalene. Or anyone else whose identity could be used to gain power over you.

I have lost many friends because of saying these things, but they are true.

Abraham (of Abraham Hicks?). Demonic deceit.

Hathors? Of Tom Kenyon – Deceit.

Matt Kahn? Same.

As well as documents created this way…

ACIM? – Deception.

The Book of Mormon? – Deception

Probably most ‘spiritual texts’? Deception.

Note that I don’t say ‘lies’. Because there is much truth in any and all of these sources. But that is how a spiritual con works.

Channeling/mediumship will send you–without exception–on a spiritual wild-goose chase or much worse.

Anything that you read or that is channeled to you which disagrees with your experience and inner truth must be discarded. For your own spiritual good.

These influences are, if you listen to them, capable of your entire destruction.

If you want wisdom, talk to God. God is infinitely wise, always available, can create miracles for you and loves you infinitely.

Why would you waste time talking to a fake dead relative or even some supposed dead mystic when you can speak to the ultimate Creator of All yourself, however you understand Him/Her/etc?

I will tell you why.

You know exactly what God wants you to do in any given moment. You know inside where the truth is and how to follow it.

But, it feels too difficult, too painful, too challenging, too scary too… etc to follow.

So, you settle for lesser spiritual knowledge, in the hope that you never have to confront what your deepest ultimate truth has already told you.

As someone who has run from god in many different periods in my life, let me assure you: there is nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

Your own soul will find you. It will confront you.

God will pull at your very heartstrings. And one day, you will yield…and that day will be one of perfect joy.

What is fear about?

I was receiving healing this evening and I asked myself afterwards: What is fear about?

The answer came: Fear is about the idea (!) of not getting everything done.

Why be afraid of death? Illness? Anything else?

Was it really this simple?

Then, what is the cure?

Drop the idea of not getting everything done. God takes care of that, right? Fear is unnecessary.

Just pursue joy.


Anger as a tool to Increase our Capacity

Why do we have anger?

Because something crosses a boundary of ours and we do not believe we can fix it.

I was angry about everything.

Poverty. Starvation. War. My parents not understanding. The religion of my youth. The government. Big banks. Money. Politics…


Because I saw these as violations of my boundaries–what is allowed in my space and world. And because I felt powerless to stop or change most of them.

And then a reframe happened. In the shower. As most good reframes do.

The thing that I perceive as a boundary violation is an invitation for me to expand my perceived ability to act.

It wouldn’t bother me if I couldn’t fix it. This might seem esoteric.

At least, I have some power over it because it is in my reality.

It’s in my reality at the very least because I pay attention to it. I give it my focus. That is an act of power-taking. Maybe not the power I want, once considered consciously, but nonetheless.

Are we responsible for our reality?

The exact configuration of our reality is what it is because of thousands of things we do and don’t do. So, yes. Disregarding all mysticism, we have configured and created our reality. By changing any one thing, that reality will change. Starting with focus and attention.

In other words, all anger, I believe, is evidence of believing illusion. (Or as Marshall Rosenberg says, thinking that is disconnected from our needs.)


Redeeming Tantra

I remember going to AVN–the annual conference of the adult industry in Vegas and schmoozing with porn producers, and sex toy inventors and sellers.

One of them asked me what I did.

I said, “I teach tantra.”

From their reaction, I might as well have said, “I have ebola and am highly contagious.”

They stepped back. A look of disgust crossed their face.

What the hell?

I had done my training in sexuality Europe, where I had lived the past 15 years. And there, tantra is a curiosity and a movement.

However, in America, things look very different.

Here, due to a renegade few seeing something new they can cash in on, get laid with, and sometimes even abuse others with, there has arisen somewhat of a negative view around tantra.

Some people in the sex-positive world in the US see people using the word tantra as:

  • Having few boundaries, nor respecting others’ boundaries
  • Not teaching consent
  • Being predatory
  • Just a way to get sex

These are real problems.

I sometimes jokingly say, “A tantra workshop is where you go to learn a technique that has been handed down in reverence from guru to student for 5000 years after years of dedicated practice in a weekend from a guy who read a book on it two weeks ago.”

A famous sex educator in frustration told a group of tantric ‘teachers’: “I get to fix the people you people screw up.”

One of the most famous ‘tantra’ teachers in the US said, when asked how many women he had slept with, “I don’t know. Somewhere between one and two thousand, I think?”

All of these things contribute to people being wary of the word ‘tantra’ as taught and practiced in the United States.

Add that to the fact that numerous ‘tantric practitioners’ have been arrested and sometimes imprisoned on prostitution charges, and that ‘tantra’ is a cool word for an escort to write on her ad to drum up business, and it’s no wonder that it has a bad rap.

Indeed, even when I studied tantra, it was mostly about how to squeeze the most pleasure or healing out of every encounter. Little was said about what happens before that, in terms of negotiation, or after the experience, in terms of longer relationship dynamics.

And, many of the tantra teachers I know go from train wreck to train wreck of relationship. They enter someone’s life like an addictive drug, get them hooked, move on, and leave a trail of stilted lovers behind them.

To some degree, so did I when I first discovered this path.

So, with all of the crap that can go wrong and is bad with tantra, all of the abuses that can and do happen, why do I feel tantra is so important?

Tantra was life-changing for me. It was the first space in which my natural desires and skills regarding touch could be expressed freely, without guilt and shame.

It gave me clear ways to learn about both my body and my partner’s…and methods to maximize our pleasure together.

It became a non-denominational spiritual path for me. A way to discover my own divinity and that of my partner, and to connect in that devotional space as divinity–leaving outside whoever we thought we were before.

Tantra was my healing for guilt, shame, and fear. It became a doorway to loving and accepting my body.

A lot of great work is being done under this umbrella. And people’s lives do change.

We have Christian priests and yoga gurus who have been embroiled in scandals and embarrassed themselves. This doesn’t mean that yoga nor Christianity are without value. It means we learn and move on.

However, tantra needs to be redeemed, even if it will always mean something different to each person who participates in it. Because some people have caused offense with it, it needs to be redeemed.


How I learned about Sex

After leaving the Mormon church, drenched in shame and body-negative messages, and not knowing where to turn, I decided I wanted to learn about sex and alternative relationships.

There were two places to do that: ZEGG, which was holding an intro weekend a couple hours from where I lived. I don’t remember how I heard of them.

The other was an ad I saw in the online classifieds in Dresden. “John Hawken, famous tantra teacher from the UK coming this one weekend only to Dresden.”

I was intrigued. I called the number on the ad and a gruff man answered. This was the convo.

“Hi! I saw your ad for a tantra workshop. What is that?

“What do you think it is?”

“Well, I think it’s about sex.”

“Uh huh.”

“Um, so can I register?”

“You can just show up, I guess.”

What I didn’t realize was that Stefan had placed the ad with the hope of bringing more hot women into the local tantra scene. I, as a man, was competition, so he did his best to gruffly dissuade me from coming.

In retrospect, he might have been wise to do that. In two months I was running the local group’s practice sessions and by the end of the summer I had spent *ahem* -time- with most the  female population of the local group.

When I arrived for the weekend, John began by paraphrasing Osho (but I didn’t know that).

“When you study an idea or a philosophy, you like it or you don’t. You accept it or you don’t. And, maybe later you find a different philosophy. Here, we don’t learn by memorization or rote or debate. Here we learn by experience.”

I was so tired of sitting in classrooms during childhood listening to teachers and religious leaders drone on–and I had been so betrayed by their ideas which hadn’t actually worked in my life, I immediately latched on to this new mode of learning.

I decided not to read anything else about this topic for the time being and learn experientially.

And why not? How do children learn about life? About their preferences? About what is dangerous?

Not conceptually, primarily. Experientially. They learn how to ask for a cookie and what that is because they want one, not because someone needs to drone on about how important cookies are for our economic growth.

John would give us an experience. We were randomly paired, men and women, and we danced elbow to elbow. Or we breathed and gazed into each other’s eyes. Or we wore blindfolds and embraced a stranger.

Each experience was about the experience. Not primarily our thoughts about what the experience would be like. Nor about our judgments or evaluations of it. What sensations did we experience internally and externally? What feelings were present? What were we thinking?

We became magnificently aware of the processes within us during each of these experiences. We noticed how the experience was dramatically different with a different person. Or the same person on a different day.

I had never felt so alive.

I remember during the break going to the local store and staring the cashier right in the eyes. I felt like I could conquer the world.

We did hear a little theory. But not to regurgitate or believe or reject. Simply to provide some context for our experience, if it were helpful.

“Religions argue about what you are. Are you just a body? Or a spirit in a body? According to tantra, there are two components. You are a point of point of consciousness, and a flow of energy. Energy is the feminine principle and consciousness is the masculine. The dance between these two creates the world and your life and your relationships.”

I will never forget those words. They clicked into place verifying to me an entire map of myself and my romances which I had always looked for but never found. My life from that point would be devoted to researching the experience of all the ways that dance could manifest in my life and how I could experience it with others.

Native Language is Touch

I began to cry in the workshop.

“My native language is touch and I have no one to speak it with.”

Imagine living in a world where no one speaks your language. That’s how I felt most of the time. I had never articulated it like this before, though. Hence the tears.

Part of my passion, my work, my self is simply to get beyond words. Words are symbols. They can be useful. They can call meaning forth. They do not convey it, which is why there is so much misunderstanding with words.

Touch can be misunderstood and misinterpreted as well.

But I enjoy the conversations more, wherever they go. It feels real, visceral, impactful.

“When I touch you, I know that you are real.”

I want to foster touch as communication courses and experiences from our youngest years. I think much pain in our society is around touch needs not getting met–despite English people. They had so little touch they had to go around conquering the world to get that much-needed contact.

I often wonder how bullets and bombs are substitutes for penetrating others in much less violent ways.


The Energy of Being “Single”

First of all “single” doesn’t exist. That’s another article.

I was sitting with some friends and one woman mentioned that she was single, unhappily so. And when I looked at her I saw ‘the energy’.

The ‘single woman’ energy.

I find it quite repellant.

It doesn’t come from being single.

It’s a total energetic structure of loneliness.

I can’t even describe it yet. Working on it.

But I do know how to fix it.

Will I go back to school?

“When I left school at the age of fifteen I was halfway through the tenth grade. I left for two reasons, economic necessity being the first of them. More important was that school was interfering with my education.”
Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man

This will probably be short. People ask me all the time, “Will you go back to school?”

Meaning, formalized education.

I survived 14 years of formal education. Barely. I found it difficult to conform, not ask the wrong questions, give the right answers (that didn’t make sense), and get along with the general nonsense of organized education.

Though, of course, there were amazing moments as well.

Why would I go back to school?

The #1 reason that people give is ‘to earn more money’.

Shall I leave the answer about whether school = more money as an exercise to the reader?

What would the other reason be?

To learn things? In my experience, I’ve had to unlearn much of what I was taught there already for my happiness. And, I can learn 99% of things faster “my way” than I ever could at university.

How do I learn?

  • Direct experience – doing the thing I want to learn about
  • Thinking – Which means writing about it, most often
  • Finding amazing teachers for a topic and learning from them

For me, formal education provides maybe a 2/10 in each of these. When left to my own devices, I manage an 8/10.

I will tell you where I am going to school. Probably for the next hundred years: The University of Superheroes, from Michael Tertes.

Traditional education is a process of homogenization and ‘giving you information until you are good enough.”

Superhero U is about showing you how you are already amazing, helping you unlock that, and bring it out into the world.

And oh yeah.

Protected: Right and Wrong. Good and Bad

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Circling is probably the most powerful modality to establish connection and intimacy in community of any I know of. If you want to participate with me, follow this link.

Thinking about Sex

“It is sexual energy which governs the structure of human feeling and thinking.” – Wilhelm Reich

I think about sex all the time.

No. I don’t mean that way. (or just that way…)

I also think of it in a societal way. As in, how does sexual and erotic energy get used in our world for all sorts of nefarious things.

Non-judgement. What is nefarious, you ask?

War. Poverty. Starvation. Ecological devastation.

Everything that “our civilization” produces in spades.

Why does it do that? Have you ever wondered?

Because the natural pathways for the expression of sexual energy have been dammed.

And everything you see that is sexual in our world: strip clubs, porn, prostitution, cheating, ‘alternative sexualities’ and their expressions, web camming, phone sex, dominas, fetish clubs, the kink scene and BDSM, is an attempt by sexual energy to find its way back into natural pathways.

What is natural and what is normal are two different things.

And everything that is f’ed up in our world is a result of the natural being slave to the normal…and the normal being determined by either people filled with guilt, shame, and fear, or who have some sort of alternative agenda.

If you don’t think that those in power have an agenda…well, I don’t know where to start. Read about what happened to Wilhelm Reich.

Why do we embrace Freudian psychology?

Once you study the history of Freud a bit, it all becomes clear.

It takes digging, but the world is run in a very different way than it is portrayed.

Time to free it.

How I found out the World is Flat

It’s obvious, really, in retrospect. Isn’t it?

So obvious that, during the remote healing session as I was surfing at the same time (naughty me!), I started to tell Sunny.

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my god!


She was wondering what was wrong.

I was reading Eric Dubay’s “200 Proofs the Earth is not a Spinning Ball

And something just went ‘click’. As in ‘of course’.

I told her and she was like, “Yeah, right!”

A couple hours later, she said, “I knew it. I asked these questions as a kid and my teachers never had any good answers…”

Not only do I not feel any spinning, nor do I see any curve, no matter how high I get in an airplane, but the killer, for me, is #1.

“1) The horizon always appears perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer regardless of altitude. All amateur balloon, rocket, plane and drone footage show a completely flat horizon over 20+ miles high. Only NASA and other government “space agencies” show curvature in their fake CGI photos/videos.”

In other words, if I were on a ball, and I began rising, what would happen? Imagine it. The horizon would drop below me, wouldn’t it? I would be getting observationally further away from the ball.

I could never look out both the right and left side of an airplane and see the horizon at my eye level! I would need to look down on both or, if one were at eye level, I would be looking out into space in the other window.

Right? Talk about cog dis.

So much suddenly made sense. I began running my own tests.

When I was outside and the sun set, the shadow never left my feet and came up my body. The entire shadow just fades.

Looking at the Golden Gate bridge from my house, there should be 100 ft of curvature over 12 miles. Not only should the concrete pillars be largely obstructed from my view at sea level, the whole thing should look like it is gently pointing away from me.

Also, when looking out into the SF Bay, the sunlight responds as if it is hitting a flat surface–you’ve seen this in your life. A reflection on a curved surface would be a point. Instead, the reflection is one huge straight line all the way out. Which, btw, wouldn’t that apply to the moon as well?

And a bit of logic–if you are spinning at 1000 MPH at the equator, it would be like a merry-go-round you spun as a child–massive force would be swinging you out. When you went north, what would happen? You would spin at almost nothing. Result? “Gravity” would make you heavier, right?

What happens to the atmosphere on a spinning ball? Spins at faster and faster speeds the further up you go? Do you notice this? It is just magically ‘synchronized’ with the bottom?

How can a vacuum be connected to a non-vacuum?

Tons of problems.

Why is this important?

Well, aside from the obvious, it means we can’t simply drop into the world of ‘everyone has basically good motives’ camp.

There are people who militantly, intensely work against the general good and welfare.

It means that there is a spiritual war on.

And not calling a spade a spade is one way to make sure the moral issues never get questioned.

Because they same people selling you one narrative are also the ones selling your children into war, running the sweat shops of the world, and doing all the rest of the things I talk about here.

That is why it matters. That is why finally letting the scales fall from our eyes is part of becoming truly free in every way.

Everything is Abundant I/x

I’m going to start with natural resources.

Oil. Gas. Water. Sunlight. Coal.


Whatever people need to be happy on this world, there is an abundance of.

It is infinite.

Doesn’t matter how long you shower. Doesn’t matter how much gas you use.

Even if you simply light natural gas on fire that comes out of a pit, it burns forever.

There is no ‘peak oil’. (Neither is it made out of dinosaurs, because there never were any. Another story.)

There is no ‘peak anything’.

It’s hard to charge a lot of money for infinite things, though. So, scarcity must be created, either through the ‘belief’ in scarcity or through limiting the supply and creation of things by other means.

This world was literally created with exactly what we need. Actually we creat(ed) it.

Fear-based consciousness. Darkness. Illusion try to give us the impression that isn’t so.

Don’t believe it.

Whatever you need to be happy, exists in spades.

This is what makes the traditional definition of economics about ‘limited resources’ utter bullshit.

What is even more interesting, is that not even the limiters can successfully limit or destroy this abundance. “He shall have power to bruise your heel, but you shall have power to crush your head.”

Thus, being afraid of the few people who frack or fish out the oceans or log all the timber is ridiculous. We are much much more powerful than any of them or all of them put together–once we embrace our power.

Getting a Demon Out (2/x)

When you first start meeting demons, you don’t know what to do. My teacher neither believed in them nor had any experience with them. I know, because I asked.

So I was kinda on my own. With some old horror movies as support and what I remembered from the New Testament.

Turns out, none of that is very helpful.

The important thing to know is that demons have no power. Not unless you let them. While it is true that all sorts of pretty unusual things can happen with possession, I believe that they all happen with our power which gets hijacked by the demon. In other words, your own power with your permission. Demons have just had more time to learn how all this stuff works, and it has been hidden from us by people controlled by ‘the dark side’. So, to us the stuff you see demons ‘do’ looks like showing an iPhone to a medieval peasant. It’s just technology. And the technology of your body is a million times more powerful than anything we can invent. You just don’t know how to use it.

Back to the topic.

So, I had found my first demon. Thank you Maria! How to get rid of it?

Reiki didn’t seem to work.

Saying “Go away!” (even very authoritatively), didn’t seem to work.

Talking to it (yeah, I figured out how to have conversations later), wasn’t usually particularly helpful.

Truth works.

What does that mean?

Every demon has a particular energetic ‘signature’ that invades the ‘possessed’. [1. Some people use different terms for various levels of possession. I usually don’t worry about it.]

That energy signature or behavior is different for each demon and each person.

Some examples:

  1. One woman, very intelligent, whenever she started talking about her relationship, tended to just trail off into nothingness, suddenly getting extremely confused and unable to finish her sentences. It was very strange to watch.
  2. Another person, whenever he tried to say something important, immediately was overcome with violent shaking sensations and fear. Despite lots of training in speaking and experience with other topics.
  3. Another person ‘channeled’ lots and lots of mysterious info but their life was stuck in many ways that really mattered to them.
  4. Another was permanently alone, unable to connect.
  5. Another stayed in an abusive relationship long after she promised her friends and family she would leave.

Now, you are thinking, there can be lots of reasons for any of these.

That’s true. Screaming ‘Demon!’ every time something goes wrong is premature. I work on dozens of people every year. I would say that a demon or energetic infestation seems to be the issue about once a year. Maybe 1% of the time.

So, why do I even bother writing about it?

Because, when a demon is the problem, it is a big problem that I don’t believe can be solved any other way and that can be endlessly frustrating for anyone working ‘around’ the demon.

Anyway. Back to ‘truth’.

A demon is a spiritual parasite that can live where there is a lie.

In other words, something happens that frightens us. Then we are offered a ‘deal with the devil’. It can be as simple as ‘if you let me use your body/you won’t be alone anymore’. So, in this case, the spiritual equivalent of an abusive codependent relationship.

This is the ‘devil’s deal’, or ‘demonic contract’.

It involves accepting some lie and in return selling something of our truth for some unhealthy version of what we really want.

Does that make sense?

Every person who I have worked with who has been stuck and where at least some part of the block was this kind of infestation has had to:

  1. Identify the contract.
  2. Consciously cancel it.
  3. Take back their power.
  4. Embrace the truth that was hidden.
  5. Tell the being to leave based upon the new truth embraced
  6. Continue to live new habits based on this truth in life. (As, it is very easy for someone to go back to the ‘spirits’ they just cast out out of comfort or habit. Just like someone who drinks alcohol.)

From that point of view, overcoming a demon or casting it out is more the job of the person who wishes to change something in their lives and less the job of the ‘exorcist’.

If the exorcist is having to put in a lot of work, s/he should consider that.


In Maria’s case, there was a belief inside that ‘if I sacrifice myself and my happiness for others, I will be safe.”

Thus, she was a powerful and famous healer who spent all day 6 days a week giving sessions for almost no money, lived in an unhappy marriage, made sure her kids and husband were taken care of, and ignored her own needs, wishes, wants, desires, and goals–aside from being a great healer and servant to others.

Maybe that life sounds good, except for the fact that it was a lie. The more she allowed herself to receive, the more she could give and bless others’ lives and actually be happy herself. Her ‘sacrifice’ was unnecessary and useless suffering that didn’t really help anyone–neither clients, nor children, nor herself. Letting go of that martyr complex allowed her to move on, have the relationships she wanted in her life, profit from her skills in every way, and, ultimately, help many more people.




The First Demon I met (1/x)


I had quite the faith crisis when I left the Mormon church. I knew I had been lied to. That was demonstrable. And I wasn’t happy. So I left.

With it, all my ‘knowing’ about god, and everything else came into question.

I found the world of energy healing–a different story–and immediately began working as a healer. Both with those close to me as well as with private clients.

I had worked with Maria quite a bit on her relationship, which weren’t making her happy, and which she was still not finding a way to improve or leave.

Usually with clients, steady work yields steady rewards. But Maria was different.

We kept working together, and something kept ‘resetting’ her progress.

She kept returning to the same place over and over and over.

I was really frustrated about this and didn’t know what was wrong.

So, we were in one of our energy/healing sessions and I had an impression.

I watched as the small extremely wrinkled head of a very old man arose from her chest. And looked at me.

Now, my sister had had run-ins with demons/possession when she first went away to college–like things moving in the apartment with no one touching them, iirc.

But this was my first run-in.

I didn’t know what to do or say–at first. It just felt like what I had called to be revealed…was.

Thus began my first steps into the world of demons, healing them (deliverance or exorcism), and learning about the realities of things we can’t always see.




“And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” – Jesus

Two years ago (summer of 2014 I think), I heard a voice, upstairs in the kitchen in my home in Berkeley.

The voice said, “Ask for the power of God.”

I said, “Sure. I will.”

Later, I said, “Um, what does that even mean?”

The answer was, “The power of god is the power over life and death.”

“Which means?”

“The power to be immortal.”

Ok. So I prayed to be immortal. Whatever that means.

About 4 or 5 hours. Focused everything on it.

Aaaand forgot about it.

Still wondering a couple of years later what that means.

Now, there is documentary evidence on the internet that Keanu Reeves, Nic Cage, and Pharrell Williams are immortal.

Besides that, I don’t know anyone who is immortal, nor have I received any teachings about being immortal. So I am having to kind of figure this thing out on my own. Assuming that god doesn’t just kind of ‘make it so’. Which may happen, I guess.

I think it’s important to note here that your path to immortality has a lot to do with the purpose of life. I mean, one way to try to get immortality is to try to figure out how to prevent telomeres from being removed from genes. Or to cross humans with immortal jellyfish.

I tend to feel that immortality, if it is possible, will tend to have another pathway. More like what Buddha or Jesus or those cats figured out. Based on what I know about living, energy, and healing, I believe, if it is possible, it is more connected to our nature, spirituality, and eternal laws.

In other words, the secrets to immortality must be such that anyone could do it. It won’t require a lot of money or special technologies. It isn’t an ‘elite’ secret.

So, I have been thinking about the question for a couple years. Reading a little bit. Not much. Like most things, what you read on the internet about immortality is 99% nonsense.

I wanted to both collect what I am learning, which has been slow. But hey, I figure I got at least another 40 years or so to figure it out, right?

Keys to Immortality

So without further adieu, here are some of the things I’ve figured out in my researches.

1: Believe it’s possible

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

And immortality is no different than anything else in this vein. Regardless of whether the guy really used his mind to freeze himself to death in a broken refrigeration car or not–and I don’t doubt that these types of things are possible, based upon what I know about hypnosis, war, politics, religion, or life–if you don’t believe there is a New York, you are never going to try to get there, and you most probably won’t.

If you want to live forever, you had better start believing that there is an immortality that is possible and that you can do it. At least open your mind for curious inquiry. “What if I could live forever?”

This may just be the hardest step, based upon what we are taught in our society. Death and taxes, you know.

But what if death is just another propagandistic doctrine to hold us captive and enslaved, like most of the things we are taught?

2: Enjoy life

Look around you. Most people are committing slow suicide. Whether through cigarettes, being in unhappy relationships they can’t leave but hate, or sitting around in dead-end jobs, most people don’t seem to enjoy life that much.

And, if you aren’t enjoying it, why stay? Why stick around if “life is pain” as Wesley proclaimed?

If you want to live another 50, 500, or 5000 years, you probably want to be doing what you enjoy.

What would you enjoy?

Learning a new instrument? A new dance? Another language? Reading the collected works of Dostoevsky? Becoming a chess grandmaster?

Whatever that is, start it and follow it. Create a life you enjoy. Right now. And keep doing it as long as you enjoy it.

Make it worth it to live forever. That will give you a reason to actually make it happen.

3: You are always moving, choose the direction

Ok. Now we are getting a bit esoteric. I have a number of friends who get younger through the years.

I also read articles about people who look much younger than their ‘physical age’ all the time online. Yogis. Athletes.

And the occasional miracle.

How? Diet. Exercise. Emotional processing and balance. Rewarding relationships.

4: Control your Mind

“Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years; the one who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere child; the one who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.”  – Isaiah 65:20

So, 100 years old will be considered a baby someday, if you believe Isaiah.

How do you get there?

One step is to learn how to use your mind totally efficiently. Your mind is like a giant, powerful motor that can do all sorts of amazing things. Most of us leave the room where it is stored unlocked, vacant, or allow anyone who wants to to play with the controls.

Considering it affects our body tremendously, we should be seeking control over our minds. We should direct what our ‘engine’ is working on (focus), what intent it is serving, and the attendant results.

I focused my mind for 3 days on manifesting a palace and got a call about a new giant house that I could move into for free.

Most people can’t focus their minds for 10 minutes on anything. What if you could focus the powers of your mind completely, all the time? What would your results be? What kind of life would you be living? How would that affect your health? Your relationships? Your impact on your world?

We see musicians, artists, acrobats, dancers–people who have focused their minds for a specific time on a specific task–and we are awestruck. But this is the beginning only.

Whatever your ‘aging’ experience is, focus your mind on reversing that.

5: Build and Direct Your Energy

This is similar to #2 above. After focusing the mind, focus the body in doing those things to cultivate and enrich your energy.

I’m not talking about unusual sexual or yogic practices–unless they fit the energetic vibration that empowers you.

Watch how your body responds to movements, sounds, types of breath and your intent. Create ‘positive feedback loops’ of energy to build up your body’s excitement and aliveness. Watch and feel how ‘sparkly’ body and energy is.

As you find new blocks or places that pull you into unpleasant emotion and energetic experiences, work with them to release them to go deeper.

Everything that enters your body: air, water, food…watch how it impacts your energy. Your emotions. Your lethargy or your aliveness.

Slowly optimize each element until the positive energetic feedback loops are self-perpetuating and move you into ever more aliveness and energetic power and wholeness.


It’s not like you wake up looking 10 years younger, but maybe a byproduct of the thought focus and energetic optimization that is ‘living healthily’ is that aging stops, and even reverses.


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What I wish I Could Tell You (For the Future Spiritual Sexual Healer/Dakini or Daka)

by Ryan Orrock

Today, a beautiful person came to me excited with the opportunity to use her power and sexuality in healing. (November 9, 2013). It prompted me to write the following.


I wish I could tell you about the magical journey that lies before you. I wish I could show you the many faces of all the people you will help.

I wish I could describe the deep satisfaction that comes from touching people in the most powerful way they have ever been touched.

But you know this. You smell it already.

Which is why I see excitement, the pleasure, the hunger burned in your eyes.

I also the defiance. The seduction. The unpredictable wantoness mixed with pure joy.

You know who you are. Even while you are still searching for yourself.

You know what you are here to do, even though you have no idea exactly what that will entail.

But you have it inside. You have always had it. Ever since you were small. That flame.

A flame your parents probably fought. Society tried to extinguish. A flame that almost everyone around you said could only end in a catastrophically destructive conflagration.

But you didn’t listen–you believe them. At least not always.

You have been scarred, but not broken. Attacked, but not destroyed.

You, are still here.

And in a very special way, that flame burns brighter than ever.

Thank you for allowing me to see it.

And now some words of experience.

This won’t be easy.

It will be the hardest thing you have ever done, in many ways.

You will probably continue to be opposed by society. Many of your friends, even loves, will not understand you. Some will reject you for following where this flame leads.

Your soul will be torn in two at times in the seeming conflict between your happiness and your mission.

Many people will appear offering to help. Some of them will leave deep scars.

But your knowledge will continue to increase. Your flame will grow brighter and brighter, until it consumes everything that opposes it.

This will be a long and arduous journey. A journey for a queen. A journey for a heroine.

There is nothing of perfection in this journey. But everything of greatness.

Never give up and the gods themselves will be in awe of you.



#2 Most best-est daily personal growth activity

You can do it alone. And you save tons on therapy.

Keep a diary.

It’s something I request that all my clients do.

I grew up Mormon. And say what you will about Mormons, but they encourage journaling. So I did. Thousands of pages from the age of 14. Not only did it help me improve my writing skills dramatically, (my 9th grade English teacher accused me of plagiarizing Alistair Cooke), but keeping a journal helped me deal emotionally with some of the crazymaking in my family. Once I was older, it allowed me to see unhealthy patterns I was living. Once I saw them, I could let them go.

Why else is keeping a journal or diary helpful?

Writing down the day’s events forces you to slow down. It forces you to take time out that you wouldn’t normally take. Not to ‘do’. But to ‘look at doing’. We keep busy. Watching and interacting with a big wide world and lots of people, digitally and otherwise.

What don’t we look at?

Ourselves. Writing about our feelings and experiences allows us to turn the camera inward and see the one thing we usually ignore the most: us.

Doing that makes us more conscious about what happened and our reaction to it.

While writing, we may be triggered, but we are not in the events. So we can more easily (if imperfectly) step outside ourselves and evaluate what really happened.

Does our reaction to the event seem too big? Too small? What would I think and feel if someone else told me the story I am writing?

And what if something is not happening we want?

Sometimes we are not acting because of fears we don’t even realize we have. Writing about our so-called ‘laziness and procrastination’ helps us empathize with the parts of ourselves that have fear about taking action. Taking that extra step back helps us drop our judgement and, if necessary, to ask for more help if we need.

And, even scientists agree:

Exorcism under Hypnosis

For some reason, an exorcism is dramatically easier to perform under the influence of hypnosis.

The story:

I was working with someone hypnotically and every time I would hypnotize them, I would get different stories about ‘who they were’.

She would jump into an age…usually 3 or 8…sometimes 13 and 14, and tell a story that was complete nonsense. She was a girl from a story, living that story, talking about the family.

Anyway, after hacking away at these stories rather uselessly, putting the children protagonists ‘to bed’ mentally, It appeared.

And it has a name and was not happy to be found.

“Fuck you.” it was fond of saying.

“Get out,” I said.

Eventually it did, waking her up cussing and shaking uncontrollably at the same time.

But it was gone.

This is my second ‘exorcism’ using hypnosis.

And, to contrast it with multiple exorcisms without hypnosis, these are much, much simpler.


I am not sure. Under hypnosis, you have conscious and deeper consent to work with the client. The resistances are largely out of the way, so that you are talking to the ‘entity’ much more directly and easily than otherwise.

Highly recommended.

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