Why I Hate Polyamory

Well perhaps that was a bit incendiary. ;)

Polyamory isn’t bad, but almost everyone takes polyamory and puts the old relating model frog in some frilly clothes and then has the same problems as before.

This article describes a few ways we do this:

1. By having a ‘primary’.

2. By using terms like ‘poly couple’.

3. By putting up lots of rules.

All of these are antithetical to enjoying real life, being in the now, and authentic connection. 

Whether you’re single or part of a couple already, how can you possibly “design” a relationship with someone new before you’re in it? How can you do anything but decide on a case-by-case basis? Trust and intimacy and connection and chemistry and life situations and energy levels – these are not things that can be known ahead of time, precisely because they are about what happens when two (or more) people come together and something new and unforeseen is created. (http://sexgeek.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/death-love-and-the-illusion-of-control/ )

Words of wisdom.

I agree completely Ryan, some are monogamous from lack and some are poly from lack…. is lack! Living here and now without the rules is the way to go… with practice!

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