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What is philosophy? What are philosophers? Why are they?

A philosopher is someone who is constantly concerned with *how* to live. In other words: what is the right way? Not because of authority, but because it is our inner truth.

And he shares and talks about that a lot?


Because he knows the world sucks, he is in tremendous pain, and he wants to be happy and have a better world.

Every man should be, in my opinion, a philosopher. Making his own life better and those of his loved ones and his community.

He does that through his mastery of conception of ideation, relying on his senses.

How to Find Truth (and why it’s so hard)

Finding truth feels mortally and existentially threatening.

Remember when Socrates took the boy out into the river who was looking for truth?

What would you answer to these questions?

1. If you were being lied to and deceived—even by people who you thought loved you—for your entire life, would you want to know the truth?
2. Are you willing to have an open mind to new information that may contradict what you previously believed?
3. Are you willing to trust your own senses, experience, and logic above any authority figure, “expert”, or group of these?

Will I go back to school?

“When I left school at the age of fifteen I was halfway through the tenth grade. I left for two reasons, economic necessity being the first of them. More important was that school was interfering with my education.”
Louis L’Amour, Education of a Wandering Man

This will probably be short. People ask me all the time, “Will you go back to school?”

Meaning, formalized education.

I survived 14 years of formal education. Barely. I found it difficult to conform, not ask the wrong questions, give the right answers (that didn’t make sense), and get along with the general nonsense of organized education.

Though, of course, there were amazing moments as well.

Why would I go back to school?

The #1 reason that people give is ‘to earn more money’.

Shall I leave the answer about whether school = more money as an exercise to the reader?

What would the other reason be?

To learn things? In my experience, I’ve had to unlearn much of what I was taught there already for my happiness. And, I can learn 99% of things faster “my way” than I ever could at university.

How do I learn?

  • Direct experience – doing the thing I want to learn about
  • Thinking – Which means writing about it, most often
  • Finding amazing teachers for a topic and learning from them

For me, formal education provides maybe a 2/10 in each of these. When left to my own devices, I manage an 8/10.

I will tell you where I am going to school. Probably for the next hundred years: The University of Superheroes, from Michael Tertes.

Traditional education is a process of homogenization and ‘giving you information until you are good enough.”

Superhero U is about showing you how you are already amazing, helping you unlock that, and bring it out into the world.

And oh yeah.

Erotic Archetype Segment Therapy

bookThe purpose of archetype erotic training is to allow a person to enter into, as far as possible, their full life power by means of releasing and accessing every form and major location of energetic expression that can take place within the body.

Women have three major energetic archetypes in connecting with men:

  1. Maiden – Beauty, sexuality, attracting
  2. Mother – Comforting, nurturing, healing
  3. Crone – Wisdom, counseling, tempering

Another that is accessed as a general state as these three are brought into balance: the Queen.

Men have three major energetic archetypes when dealing with women as well:

  1. Lover – Feelings, senses, and emotions
  2. Warrior – Action in the world. Doing, achieving, solving problems.
  3. Sage – Understanding, knowing, and being.

As these are brought into balance, a fourth manifests: the King.

Each of these male archetypes, for example, contains two unhealthy variations.

  • Lover – Playboy / Victim – Either through total dependence on love and sensual pleasures or an abandoning of this section to other energies.
  • Warrior – Bully/Pushover – Either through dependence on force to get energy or inaction.
  • Sage – Trickster/Dolt – Either by Using Wisdom or Knowledge as a way to avoid connection or action OR by lazily avoiding a study of the Truth in the World for Sharing.

If a woman would like to invite a man into the healthy archetype from the shadow version of the archetype, she must approach him from the healthy version of the corresponding female archetype. Therefore:

  • To invite a playboy or a victim to transform into a lover, use the maiden energy.
  • To invite a bully or a pushover to transform into a warrior, you must first use the mother energy.
  • To invite a trickster or a dolt to transform into an sage, utilize the crone energy.

The methodology for bringing these archetypes into balance is described in my book “The Total Man and Complete Woman” available at Amazon in paperback. Kindle version here.

Our Current Projects to Change the World…

changing-the-world…through raising consciousness and healing.

First, we are creating a healing tantric temple in the San Francisco Bay area where men and women can come to learn how to release guilt, shame, and fear around their bodies, their sexuality, and their very life energy.

Here they will learn to overcome emotional and mental blocks toward healing and wholeness, guided by systems of healthy archetypes and ancient and modern wisdom.

The temple will facilitate teaching in the form of sessions, classes, workshops, and rituals as well as healings utilizing energy and touch in all its forms, and create a space or space(s) where all this can happen.

Second, we are using the power of the temple to manifest a retreat/workshop space and healing center outside of the San Francisco Bay area for longer retreats.

Third, we will be creating an entire loving eco-village community based around the concepts of consciousness and non-violence that have been lost and must be re-established in this world.

The final result of this will be rolling out these ideas to 10,000 villages/communities who are devoted to deepening consciousness and awakening through applying the principles of peace, non-violence, and love we have re-learned in our first village community experiments.

If you want to support or participate…contact us!