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Everything is Abundant I/x

I’m going to start with natural resources.

Oil. Gas. Water. Sunlight. Coal.


Whatever people need to be happy on this world, there is an abundance of.

It is infinite.

Doesn’t matter how long you shower. Doesn’t matter how much gas you use.

Even if you simply light natural gas on fire that comes out of a pit, it burns forever.

There is no ‘peak oil’. (Neither is it made out of dinosaurs, because there never were any. Another story.)

There is no ‘peak anything’.

It’s hard to charge a lot of money for infinite things, though. So, scarcity must be created, either through the ‘belief’ in scarcity or through limiting the supply and creation of things by other means.

This world was literally created with exactly what we need. Actually we creat(ed) it.

Fear-based consciousness. Darkness. Illusion try to give us the impression that isn’t so.

Don’t believe it.

Whatever you need to be happy, exists in spades.

This is what makes the traditional definition of economics about ‘limited resources’ utter bullshit.

What is even more interesting, is that not even the limiters can successfully limit or destroy this abundance. “He shall have power to bruise your heel, but you shall have power to crush your head.”

Thus, being afraid of the few people who frack or fish out the oceans or log all the timber is ridiculous. We are much much more powerful than any of them or all of them put together–once we embrace our power.

The Main Issue: Domination and Authority

We live in a world created for us by our culture.  Here, world doesn’t refer to the planet. It refers to how we see things.

Our culture’s primary doctrine is the domination system.

In a domination system, we tell others ‘below us’ what to do. Parents command children. Bosses command employees. Generals command soldiers. Lawmakers command the populace. The domination system is built on one central idea:

  “1) There is a right way to do things and 2) someone knows what that is.” (Marshall Rosenberg)

If we accept this idea, then the only question left is whose domination we will accept.

Who knows what is best for us? Our priest? Our president? Our king? Our father?

Most of the time, when we move towards so-called ‘freedom’, we simply substitute one ruler in our lives for another. Even when we try to live ‘our inner truth’, we find what we seem to want from moment to moment is contradictory, confusing, and the results of looking for it frightening.

The idea of “the right way” is so deeply ingrained in us in so many ways, dropping it is a monumental task.

The patriarchal system of the past 5000 years or so has also, in its determination of what is right, fundamentally denied all persons (but especially women) their power.

My work is dedicated to the opening and rediscovery of our inner power individually so that we can reclaim our power and build a better world together.

Several forms of healing, consciousness and awareness expansion can be used for this.

And perhaps the fastest way to do this is through meditations, such as those found in the Vigyan Bhairav tantra.

Once we have dropped the bonds holding us back in our power, we can begin exercising our energetic flexibility and power in getting what we want (meeting our core needs) in this world.

This will enable us all to work from a level of openness and completion that was previously known only to very few.

Why Voting is Evil

Our so-called “democratic system” is just as immoral as a dictatorship. Participation makes you complicit.

The State can take life, liberty, and property from anyone if the 51% decides it. That which you would never do, (like imprison or kill your neighbor for using cannabis) you support “your” government in doing by voting. You then enable it by paying for it.

Is this any way to run a society? Is this how you want to be treated?

Governments are built on theft and aggression.

If you complain about theft and detainment, you can only complain to their own courts, paid for by themselves, who then decide whether your complaint is legitimate or not. It’s like letting the thief and murderer decide whether it was ok to steal from you.

Jesus had it right when he said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Why is that so difficult?

Do we want someone to come to you, guns drawn, to take your property or arrest you for: smoking cannabis? hiring a prostitute? selling raw milk? growing organic vegetables? giving a massage without a license?

“Well, *I* don’t break any laws,” you say. Oh really? In the great book 3 Felonies a Day, Harvey Silvergate describes how a normal citizen going to work, paying taxes, doing everything right commits, on average, three felonies a day without even realizing it. So you are a criminal already.

Common law–originally designed to prevent theft and aggression–has been completely corrupted until now ‘everything is forbidden which is not expressly permitted’.

Then why do we support (via tax dollars, silence = acquiescence, and voting) this violent system that completely ignores and even persecutes our brothers and sisters, knowing that we are next?

And I haven’t even described why your vote means nothing anyway, how politicians will do what they want, influenced by special interests.

Most people do not vote now, and they have it right. Voting will not change the nature of the system. Ceasing to believe in the system will cause the system to disappear… Ceasing to support it will cause it to evaporate.

Let’s find a new way. A way that listens to everyone’s voice and needs. A way to connect and not to separate.


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