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Creating and Living in an Abundant World

The experiences of the Really Really Free Marketsgift economies, and experiences within families and communities (such as OWS) that live a non-money based economy show that everyone’s needs are more likely to be met in these situations than in a cutthroat capitalist society of today.

Moving Energy

The key to this is the principle that everyone and everything in the world consists of energy which is only active when it is flowing. This energy can be labor over time, stored as money, or in any object.

All the billions sitting on a bank account somewhere help neither the billionaire nor anyone else (see Jesus’ parable of the rich man who was constantly tearing down his barns for expanding his wealth storage).

Only when the energy flows, changes hands, is exchanged, does anything productive happen to it.

Think of how much energy in terms of money, property, etc that you are storing and not using now? What would happen if you released this energy into the world? Are you willing to try it? At least for a few things? Then why don’t you start a Really Really Free Market and see what happens?

Many of us have become convinced that if we do not possess any money that we do not have any value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We all have value that cannot be expressed in money. And freely giving of our time, our talents, and our property can help us see just how much joy and fulfillment we can cause in the lives of others through that which we don’t need at the moment.

A few months ago I took everything in my apartment that I wasn’t using, packed it in boxes, and gave it away. Including my wall full of books.

I was amazed at how much value immediately began flowing back to me from this. Instead of having less, I was blessed with incredible abundance of exactly what I needed when I needed it.

For more information about this concept, see the book Sacred Economics. Or better yet, just try it!

Next up: applying this concept to relationship and love! 😉


Money (Energy) Must Flow Freely, Pt I

I was led to take quite a long walk recently and all sorts of information was present.

One of the strongest messages I received was one that I have intuitively felt since I was 19 and began to consider the damaging ways society operates.

That was “sex and money must flow freely”. So let’s talk about money first.

You see, we were born many generations ago into a free world. Where each creature could relate to its environment in a way it saw fit.

Including us.

There was an abundance of resources for life. There was no such thing as money. There might have been limited trade, but mostly we “gifted” each other.

We were in nature. ‘At its mercy’ you could say, but most of the time nature was very loving to us. We grew and developed for a very long time within it quite well.

Then we started to come up with our own rules. About the way things ‘should be’. Separate from nature.

Two major decisions we made: We decided how sex should be.

We also decided that we didn’t like the free way of being provided for by nature. We decided that we needed to organize it better, so we created money, the concept of property, and division.

These are all basically egoic steps that separate us from one another.

What is energy?

Energy is the power to ‘get things done’ and when it is flowing, constantly flowing to where it needs to be, everything is on its course.

It used to be, we all had our gifts and talents and abilities. We shared them freely with anyone who needed them. This ‘natural giving’ brought us endless joy and satisfaction.

Now, our gifts are regulated by money. Except for a very small accepted circle, we are ‘not allowed’ to give our gifts without money being exchanged. Millions of people sit on couches watching TV all day every day because of this.

And why?

Because everything to live, food, clothing, shelter, is now coupled to this strange substance that is foreign to nature.


Without it, we are threatened with death, though all of these things are superabundant on the planet. Nature doesn’t threaten to kill us without money.

Society does.

And society, like the matrix, is completely made up.

So the result is that a very small subset of our energetic gifts flow at any given time. And the energetic constipation that has resulted, caused by the most dominant strain of the most dominant species on the planet taking over, has created untold misery and suffering.

Money has come to represent safety and security, love, freedom, creativity, abundance…there seems to be no other way to these things except through money.

But this is all just a concept.

And, as long as money means those things, those with the most fear about these things will strive the hardest to control the core systems of money! You don’t see artists or musicians creating central banks or trying to regulate interest rates or studying economics.

They see and understand creativity, flow of energy, expression.

And as such, they are barely tolerated by our dominant systems.

So we arrive at the juxtapositional situation of people who believe in scarcity, fear, and control running the systems for everyone.

This hardens the us/them mentality. “Our” country. The other ‘foreign’ country. The ‘terrorists’. Those who want to attack our ‘freedoms’ (i.e., take our hegemonic power away). The circle gets smaller and smaller until some humans freeze in gutters and live under bridges and the ‘rich’ see no more connection to their suffering brethren than to sewer rats. A name we curiously gave them.



But there is abundance!

And how many great ideas and great projects could be started to equalize this situation but for lack of money? Because of the enormous (artificial) cost of land? Which cost nothing to create. Which no one can ‘own’ in reality. Because of a ‘lack’ of space, which is virtually infinite?

Hell isn’t out there, folks. Hell is right here. And we created it. From heavenly paradise.

And its watchword is “money”.

So, how do we fix it?

Only adults could ask such a silly question. For children, it is obvious. None of them could watch someone freeze or starve, have the resources to help, and ignore the need.

The energies which have been frozen and concentrated must be thawed and released.

Our gifts must start entering free circulation once again. We must discreate the illusion that people ‘own’ things which they can control and have the rights to which supersede even the lives of others.

It requires enormous energy to prevent energy from flowing. How hard is it as a rich man to keep all your money? You must be constantly vigilant against all those who would take it from you.

How hard is it to keep the plantation or factory slaves down? It takes many men with guns. Great energy.

Is that pleasurable for the owners? To a certain part of the ego that feels it ‘has’ something, mildly perhaps. But all the joy of natural giving is completely lost. And the pain that generates through taking with force is absorbed into the ego. The oppressor numbs and doesn’t feel anything at all.

The valuable thing about you isn’t your money. That which can meet your needs isn’t the money itself, but the conceptual ideas that we have around what it can buy.

In reality, it is people who can meet your needs most effectively.

People freely giving to you that which you need. Out of the joy of giving.

We must abandon the idea that these things can be bought. Safety, peace, food, love, etc. Yes, you can buy cheap versions of some of them with money. But don’t you want the real thing? Given freely and lovingly?

Then stop using money to mediate the exchange.


Demons and Con Men


Most spiritual traditions have teachings about consciousness outside the body. Even the Holy Spirit is a discorporeal entity of a sort. And each of these traditions has “good” disembodied entities, and “bad” ones.

Some people of their path through life have conscious experiences of messages, information, knowledge, or wisdom coming from ‘beyond’. This is for those people as well as those who are interested in their messages.

If you have no interest or belief in anything like this, (as I didn’t for a long time), just skip this one.

So, assuming I, or someone I know is getting knowledge, information, power, ability, understanding, or anything else from ‘beyond’, how do I know whether to listen, take it seriously, follow, or not?

Let’s look at a couple examples on this plane of existence.

We have people all around us. Correct?

Some of them are trustworthy. Others are not. Right?

How do we tell the difference between them?

1) Does what they say match our reality?

2) Does what they say make sense?

3) Does what they say feel right?

However, some people also know that we are applying these tests and use them against us.

For example, a man may come to me and offer to double my money within a week if I give him $1000.

Now, immediately, this does not match my existing concept of reality, although for most people the idea would be quite nice as well, as I imagine all that I could do with another $1000.

So this man finds me instantly incredulous and needs to overcome that.

To do so, he uses a variety of methods.

1) Social proof
He might introduce me to local people…some of whom I know that are doing what he is suggesting with good results.

2) Ego flattery
He explains that because of my power and influence with the local community, he wants me on his good side. He explains that because I can help him establish his business here, he is willing to give me a special deal. And that I can help so many more people with more money.

3) Intellectual reasoning
He explains to me how there are people and systems that work differently than the ones I know about. How those ‘in the know’ use those systems to acquire enormous wealth. How he has tapped into those systems etc

4) Appeals to my greed
If I want or need the money badly enough and he can make it plausible enough, I might decide I can simply give him the money on a whim and take the loss if it doesn’t come back.

So, assuming I do that, and he returns to me with $2000.

WOW! Now I have 5) PROOF! Now I KNOW I can trust this man, right?

Not so fast. All I know is that if I give him x dollars, after timespan y, he gave me 2x dollars.

So my knowledge is very imperfect.

I don’t know where he got the money or who he got it from.

I just know I got some more money.

So, what is the next step?

Maybe he asks me for $5000 dollars now. After taking a deep breath, I give it to him.

A week later: $10000.

And perhaps this continues for a little bit.

We become good friends. We play golf together for awhile. I ask about more opportunities for easy money, but he consoles me by saying that these special opportunities don’t come up all the time and that we have to wait for the next one.

Then, when have almost given up hope on this easy money, but we are very good friends, he calls me up with some urgent news. And we meet.

He tells me in confidence that the biggest sure thing has now arrived that he has ever seen. It will take a million dollar investment. Guaranteed to return at least 20% in just a few months. He is putting in $500,000 himself. And he wants to ask me, as his closest friend whom he wants to see successful more than anyone else, if I would like to put in the other $500,000. By this time he knows the the highest amount of cash I can possibly get ahold of and just below this number is the amount he names.

I have had great success with him. We are good friends. It’s a sure thing. Yes, it’s much more than I ever wanted to risk with an investment. On the other hand, I could get an amazing amount.

So I give it to him.


Never see him again.

And money can be healing power, insight, or other ‘seemingly magical’ skills or abilities.

Now this has never happened to me, thank goodness.

But it has almost happened in a spiritual sense many times.

Many people claim access to ‘special knowledge’ outside the realm of sensory experience: channelers, tarot readers, psychics, astrologers, and more. They say they are getting information from the stars, god, angels, aliens, or my dead relatives.

And many of them can tell me amazing things about myself and others. Things that make a lot of sense. Things that no one else could know. Things that confirm special knowledge.

Well, if there are entities or intelligences outside our field of perception then they could have access to a lot of information we have access to. And probably have access to a lot of information we don’t have access to.

In other words, in some ways they are going to seem more intelligent than we are.

So how do we know whether to follow the messages?

1) Does what they say confirm itself to our sensory reality? If I can get you to let go of your own sensory experience and believe my words instead, I can move you into doing things the conflict with what is best for you.

2) Does it feel right? A thing may make a lot of sense logically, but my emotional needle is often much more sensitive and able than my mind which is not trained in logic or critical thinking in school (because that would be bad business for advertisers and make less obedient employees).

If my emotions tell me something is wrong, this can be a reason to consider what it is I am about to accept and look for reasons to reconsider it.

3) Does experience confirm it? Does it match what I have experienced in the past? Or if I try it, does it give me what I want in the now? Does it help me meet my needs in a logical direct way in the present?

I have found that applying these tests to any source of information or insight, externally or internally shows me with an almost perfect degree of accuracy whether to listen to the messages that I am being given or not. Also, asking people I trust for advice!

Really, the truth is in you for your own life. And your body and mind give you access to everything you need to live that life. It feels very nice sometimes to give up responsibility to someone else to tell you what to do or how to live, but you will have the consequences and results. Not them. So don’t.  No matter whether you can touch their body or whether they claim to be your long-dead mother.

006 – Debt as Evil

We are hearing a lot about debt, from Greece to Wall Street to home’owners’ losing their houses, to student debts never being able to be discharged even be bankruptcy.

Debt destroys families, friendships, and indeed, our entire society if we let it.

Here are a few thoughts about debt and why it makes no sense to have *enforceable* debts in a free and happy society.

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