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Erotic Archetype Segment Therapy

The purpose of archetype erotic training is to allow a person to enter into, as far as possible, their full life power by means of releasing and accessing every form and major location of energetic expression that can take place … Continue reading

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On the War for Feminine Energy

At the bottom of every man’s fetish: every porn addiction, every fascination with prostitution or peep shows is the deep desire for energy. Feminine energy. Men are born desiring it. Craving it. Needing it. And virtually every avenue is closed … Continue reading

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My Books are now Available on Amazon

I am very happy to announce that my book: The Total Man and Complete Woman is finished and now available at Amazon both for Kindle and in soft cover. The Kindle version is available here: The Total Man and Complete … Continue reading

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007 – Brett Snelson on Tantric Parenting, Ecology, and Tantric Birthing

Brett Snelson of approaches life in an adventurous and eclectic way that continues to evolve as new ways of being. Early in his training for intimacy and relationship coaching he found a passion for integrating this work with conscious … Continue reading

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Body is not the Final Deepest Reality

“If you love someone, if you really love, his body is bound to disappear. In some moments of climax, of peak, the form will dissolve, and through the beloved you will enter the formless.” What is your reality is a … Continue reading

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