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Mind is the Doubt–Coming with Openness

“It is not that the mind doubts, mind is the doubt! Unless the mind dissolves, doubts cannot be cleared…

They are complete — one hundred and twelve techniques…Not a single method could be added to Shiva’s one hundred and twelve methods…

These one hundred and twelve methods of meditation constitute the whole science of transforming mind. We will enter them one by one. We will try to comprehend first intellectually. But use your intellect only as an instrument, not as a master. Use it as an instrument to understand something, but do not go on creating barriers with it. When we will be talking about these techniques, just put aside your past knowledge, your knowing, whatsoever information you have collected. Put them aside — they are just dust gathered on the road.

Encounter these methods with a fresh mind — with alertness, of course, but not with argumentation.

And do not create the fallacy that an argumentative mind is an alert mind. It is not, because the moment you move into arguments you have lost the awareness, you have lost the alertness. Then you are not here.

These methods do not belong to any religion… Science does not belong to races and religions — and tantra is a science… That is why these techniques will not mention any religious ritual. No temple is needed. You are quite enough of a temple yourself. You are the lab; the whole experiment is to go on within you. No belief is needed.

This is not religion, this is science. No belief is needed…Only a daringness to experiment is enough, courage to experiment is enough; that is the beauty…

Tantra will be helpful, whatsoever their chosen path.

So remember this, tantra is pure science. … So belong to any religion; it is irrelevant. But you can transform yourself, and that transformation needs a scientific methodology.”

We have been trained to think that our ‘mind’ is the key to understanding. Mind is simply a series of answers others have given you to believe.

Your mind, thoughts, thinking will block every single movement, impulse, internal or external, that brings you toward growth.

That which grows to progress within you comes from somewhere else within your body. Not your thoughts. Not your mind. Perhaps from your consciousness, but not your mind.

The whole process which is involved in the VBT is about dropping these thoughts, not being led by them anymore. Connecting to your true nature and your true power.

This is the journey we are on.

Body is not the Final Deepest Reality

“If you love someone, if you really love, his body is bound to disappear. In some moments of climax, of peak, the form will dissolve, and through the beloved you will enter the formless.”

What is your reality is a couple different questions. Let’s look at the one Osho is speaking of.

There are three levels of a person.

  1. The form, the body.
  2. The incarnated truth of their cosmic consciousness form–which is almost infinite
  3. Their cosmic consciousness–which is actually infinite
It has been my experience that we are all amazed and fascinated by #1, which is like frosting on a cake. Window dressing. Fun. Interesting, but not super-important.
When we connect to #2, mystical things happen. If we connect to #3, it feels like complete destruction and annihilation.
Don’t get stuck on the form. Don’t get stuck on the body. Go deeper. Forget the outside.

Extending past Duality, Past Conscious and Unconscious

“…the very words VIGYANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA mean the technique of going beyond consciousness. VIGYANA means consciousness, BHAIRAVA means the state which is beyond consciousness, and TANTRA means the method: the method of going beyond consciousness. This is the supreme doctrine – without any doctrine.”

Osho teaches that all religious teachings (and most forms of meditation) are concerned with becoming more conscious.

Tantra seeks, in the Vigyan Bhariava Tantra, to explain how to move beyond the duality of conscious and unconscious. To transcend it. He says:

“But tantra says that this is a duality – unconscious and conscious. If you move from unconsciousness to consciousness, you are moving from one duality to another. Move beyond both! Unless you move beyond both you can never reach the ultimate, so be neither the unconscious nor the conscious; just go beyond, just be. Be neither the conscious nor the unconscious – just BE! This is going beyond yoga, going beyond Zen, going beyond all teachings.”

Once you can transcend duality, you have reached a degree of enlightenment. Once “out there” is the same as “in here”. Once “they” are also “I”. Once “I” is the same as “nothing” and “Everything”.

Drinking in the Master. Listening to the Silence

“Why this emphasis on love – love language? Because if you are in love with your master, then the whole gestalt changes; it becomes different. Then you are not hearing his words. Then you are drinking him. Then words are irrelevant. Really, the silence between the words becomes more significant. What he is saying may be meaningful or it may not be meaningful… but it is his eyes, his gestures, his compassion, his love.”

How can you absorb someone? Someone’s energy? Someone’s very soul through their words? Or maybe the silence between the words…

It takes an understanding of the energy that flows within someone, between all things, an understanding that every child and most dogs have, but that we lose through our ‘socialization’…

Next time you listen, listen to the energy of the interaction. Listen to what is really coming out. Listen to the feelings that are there…both in yourself and the Other.

Only in this way can you connect. Every child does it instinctively. “Except ye become as a child…”