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Men Love the Thrill of a Chase

Man is, in part, a warrior.

And part of that is the hunter.

The hunter enjoys the thrill of the hunt. The chase

This motivation causes him to face impossible odds to try and “catch”  “prey” or achieve difficult things.

This also applies to women.

Part of seduction or looking for a partner is the sheer enjoyment of the chase. Will I succeed? How do I approach stealthily, without ‘spooking’ my prey?

Nevermind that the prey in many instances of male/female interaction is enjoying the chase and actually wants to be caught…sooner or later

The hunt itself is a rush. It satisfies the hunter (who, unless he identifies with results mentally, will simply go hunt the next day if today didn’t work out).

For most men, this is a need which must be fulfilled. The thrill of the hunt.

So, if he is in a relationship, and this need is not fulfilled, what do you think happens?

Without any malice and completely “naturally”, he might just  go outside the relationship to get it fulfilled.

Men have to have a chance to chase and conquer in real-life situations. The inner warrior demands it. So what does the warrior do once he ‘has his prey’….especially after he has had a chance to munch on it awhile?

Even worse, what does the warrior do once he has a signed piece of paper saying that the prey agrees to belong to him? How boring is that for the inner warrior?

He moves on to the next chase.  Or the inner warrior languishes and perhaps dies. The experience of the real chase is that important. Not reaching the goal.

You may think that men are interested in women with large breasts and miniskirts. Perhaps, but they are interested in women with large breasts and miniskirts even more if they are moving!

In other words, the ‘hunter’ is triggered by anything that looks like prey (if we were still hunting for food, he would see deer at 2000 yards). Prey moves. Prey is sometimes even running.

Soooo, if you want a man to become interested in you or stay interested in you after “catching” you, what do you do?

Keep moving. Don’t let it be too easy for him. Trigger that inner lion. That inner hunter.

You can enjoy being ‘chased and caught’ again and again. And he can enjoy the chasing.

Adding Awareness to the Search for a Partner

The blocks that we have when searching for a partner or relationship are:

  1. Admitting that we are looking for a partner. (“Oh, I’m just fine and happy alone!”–the statement to the outside world when inside you are dying inside because your needs are getting met…)
  2. Becoming aware of exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Fear behind actually looking for it.

So, the harmless,  easy helpful exercise for #2 which I do when someone is looking for a partner (after I help them admit that they actually want a partner, which is  sometimes a very non-easy thing for them to do) is to:

  • First, write down all the things you want from a partner…

This is a powerful awareness-adding exercise in itself (in fact, it has provided me with partners pretty much matching my criteria in 4 weeks both times I have consciously done it).

BUT,  there is a second, super powerful and important part of the exercise which I can’t tell you because it will ruin everything, but when you have done the first part, let me know and I will send it to you…


Spiritual Counterfeits

With all due respect to the dynamic 5th dimension crystal matrix 2012 archangel vortex tetrahedron energetic light masters etc etc I want to talk for a moment about spirituality.

Your spirituality is about finding, and removing all blocks to your personal  passionate purpose here on this planet.

It’s about leaving all the stories and concepts you have about you and your limitations, your pain and your suffering.

It’s about truly experiencing this dimension of physical manifestation. And seeing it for what it is.

And it is about deeply expressing the gifts you have to those that are waiting for them.

As you try to do so, you try to deprogram, process your feelings, find the right teachers, and open to the truth.

How are your relationships?

In our society, we can see the truth of our own spiritual practice very often from the quality of our personal relationships.

Are we filled with anger, fear, regret, sorrow for the past? Do we consult experience to make decisions instead of our intuitive knowing? Do we hold on to past pain instead of feeling the actuality of the present?

Consider the people that you respect and recommend as teachers. Sometimes you may know some of their life stories. Chances are, they faced death in many forms.

  • Death of their concepts of themselves
  • Death of their ideas about life and the world
  • Death of loved ones
  • Perhaps even their own deaths or serious illness or accident

They have often faced much pain and suffering.

This is usually necessary to destroy our illusions.

Either we can search out opportunities to let go of our ‘ego’ and its concepts of self, or we can look for opportunities to move our ego from connection to the physical to the spiritual.

As Osho says, a goal of salvation, satori, or enlightenment is still a goal. True spirituality is a consequence, almost a byproduct of constantly pursuing our own truth and power. It is not achieved through looking for ‘the next big thing’, be that a realization, a spiritual skill, or a new experience, unless these things are leading us deeper inside ourselves.

Because the journey is ultimately an internal one, the less we identify with and the more transparent we become, the more likely it is to find that space of spaceless clarity and powerless power that represents our true self.

The Isolation of the Individual

Our natural social circle comprises a few hundred people—a typical village. In this group, you would have all the specialist skills that the group needs to run effectively, all the various types of people you need for social support and friendship, and enough people to continue in the event of catastrophe.

You don’t need much law to live in a group of 500 people. You don’t need many rules. Things can usually be discussed as they come up.

Because you take care of one another, grow much of your own food, and don’t constantly need transportation to places far away, not very much complex and expensive health care is needed either.

Because children are free to learn whatever skills interest them from whoever in the village can teach it, you don’t need a complex educational system to put energetic children in a box away from sunlight for the majority of every day. With the internet and the ability to read, almost everything that is available outside the group educationally can be utilized internally as well.

Employment is no problem because in such groups, the work needed for sustenance and shelter usually amounts to about 3-4 hours a day. The rest of the time can be freely used.

That is how we used to live.

Then, the Princes of the domination culture came and destroyed these free villages and replaced them with slavery, ownership of land by the few (few-dalism!), compression of people into cities, and then splitting us off into fewer and fewer units of family and social support…

The villages tried to hold together as large families. Monetary concerns (which are minimal in a village) forced many to go to other places in search of it.

At around the turn of the century in the western world, the fundamental societal unit became “the nuclear family”. Mother, father, and children.

This proved to be too much pressure and divorce became the norm.

So now, we have many mother + children units. Some father + children units. And many single individuals. Living alone and feeling lonely because of a limited social support structure.

In a village, since everyone loves and takes care of the children, child abuse is virtually impossible.

In a village, since everyone knows each other, lives in close proximity, and works together, abuse of any form is virtually nonexistent.

Why don’t we want to live this way?