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019 – How We Bully Children (and How Not to Do It) II/II

Welcome to part II of the series on peaceful and conscious parenting and interaction with children.

In it, you will hear many ideas that can shift the paradigm in child raising from a place of domination and stress to a place of cooperation and joy.

Peaceful parenting
Conscious parenting
Non-violent parenting

018 – How we Bully Children (without even realizing it)

A topic that is near and very dear to my heart.

How is it best to treat children? In what ways might we be treating them that harm them and ourselves without even realizing it?

017 – 4 Main Feelings + Mind / Body / Spirit “Emotions”

What is the difference between pleasure, joy, happiness, ecstasy and bliss? How are the body, mind, and consciousness or spirit related to each of these?

What are the four main emotions and how do we classify them?

When thinking about your emotions, there are many words but really only 4 main categories: mad, glad, sad, and afraid.

Understanding these can help you be present and work with them more effectively.

016 – Must I Associate with my Parents?

I have heard a lot of ‘teaching’ in my life about the importance of ‘honoring’ parents (and other family), loving them unconditionally, spending time with them no matter what,etc.

Jesus talks about, “Giving up a mother, father, sister, or brother,” for the truth and receiving 100-fold.

Do we have to associate with our family of origin? Why or why not?