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Are Gurus Good?!?

I was watching ‘Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition’ last night and had some thoughts…

This extremely fat woman (355 lbs) wrote this fitness guru asking for his help in losing weight.

So he shows up and takes her on.

She has to do *everything* he tells her to do. 1500 kcal per day. Lots and lots of exercise. He brings in someone who teaches her to cook and teaches her portioning as well

He completely remodels her house and removes all of the old triggers for food, installs a garden, puts fitness machines all over the place (this while she wasn’t home so she didn’t even know/couldn’t complain).

She starts ‘working’ with him and immediately hits her wall. She is in tears. She is crying. No, she is wailing! “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” All the emotional stuff comes up (it was after a rape at age 14 that she began gaining weight).

And he brings her back to 1) Her commitment 2) Her motivations for her commitment.

He pushes her. He motivates her. He screams at her when necessary. Not too much comforting, but he does give her a hug when she is brave enough to look at her weight for the first time.

Well *WE*, my dear friends, are that 355 lb woman. We aren’t happy. Everything in our lives is not going as we want.

Everything around us is coddling us and selling us more junk food to temporarily ease the pain without confronting what is really going on inside of us.

We need someone to show us the way out. We know someone who has confronted reality, been there, and gone the journey. Someone who knows when to kick our butts and when to give us a pat on the butt.

This, my friends, is the guru of the eastern tradition.

For our emotional and spiritual pain it is just as intelligent and legitimate to take a guide through the process of healing as it is for this woman to use this guy.

Could she have done it alone? No. She didn’t have the knowledge, the energy, the resources, the motivation. She had tried with abysmal results for 20 years.

There is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. There is nothing wrong with admitting our weakness, our powerlessness, our helplessness. There is nothing wrong with needing someone else or with trusting someone else to show us through the darkness of the path we have never trod.

23: Starting and Stopping the Journey

“And many go back; then they never turn within again. As I see it, every one of you have tried in some life or other some meditative technique. You have been near to the nothingness, and then fear gripped you and you escaped. And deep in your past memories, that memory is there; that becomes the hindrance. Whenever you again think of trying meditation, that past memory deep down in your unconscious mind again disturbs you and says, “Go on thinking; do not do it. You have done it once.” – Osho

Meditation is a destructive process. It is the process of attacking your ego, your concepts of self and others–your map of the world.

Somehow you know that destroying this will leave you mapless–lost! you fear–in a hostile world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you are very close to reaching this space of nothingness and openness, a tremendous fear can develop. As if you will be swallowed up. Your own destruction!

However, it is simply the destruction of the ‘monkey mind’ that has caused so much suffering in your life…and perhaps lives!

You have nothing to lose but this falseness. There is nothing to find but your true self.

The surrender will help you preserver past this point and to attain.

Do not trust the mind at this point. Remember what it has brought you and surrender into the grace of attainment.

22: Why are we Afraid of Freedom

“Deep down somewhere there is fear. The fear is that if you do it, it may be that something stops happening – that is the fear. It may look paradoxical, but I have been meeting so many – so many persons – who think they want to change. They say they need meditation, they ask for a deep transformation, but deep down they are also afraid. They are dual – double; they have two minds. They go on asking about what to do, never doing it. Why then do they go on asking? Just to deceive themselves that they are really interested in transforming themselves. That is why they are asking.

This gives a facade, an appearance that they are really, sincerely interested in changing themselves. That is why they are asking, going to this guru and that, finding, trying, but they never do anything. Deep down they are afraid.

Eric Fromm has written a book, FEAR OF FREEDOM. The title seems contradictory. Everyone thinks that they like freedom; everyone thinks that they are endeavoring for freedom – in this world and in ”that world” also. ”We want MOKSHA – liberation – we want to be freed from all limitations, from all slaveries. We want to be totally free,” they say. But Eric Fromm says that man is afraid of freedom. We want it, we go on saying that we want it, we go on convincing ourselves that we want it, but deep down we are afraid of freedom. We do not want it! Why? Why this duality?

Freedom creates fear, and meditation is the deepest freedom possible. You are not freed only from outward limitations, you are freed from inner slavery – the very mind, the base of slavery. You are freed from the whole past. The moment you have no mind, the past has disappeared. You have transcended history; now there is no society, no religion, no scripture, no tradition, because they all have their abode in the mind. Now there is no past, no future, because past and future are part of the mind, the memory and the imagination.

Then you are here and now in the present. Now there is not going to be any future. There will be now and now and now – eternal now. Then you are freed completely; you transcend all tradition, all history, body, mind, everything. One becomes free of the fearful. Such freedom? Then where will YOU be? In such freedom, can you exist? In such freedom, in such vastness, can you have your small ”I” – your ego? Can you say ”I am?” – Osho

Becoming honest about the terror you feel about succeeding in finding yourself is just as important as being free to express your pain about the way things are right now.

Yes, it is scary to change, to develop. You have never been there before. You don’t know what will happen once you reach that place.

But be honest about that. Be honest and accept the fear. Then make a conscious decision. Decide to stay the same. Or decide to change.

Cease deceiving yourself.

21 – Don’t Trust Your Mind

“Even those who talk so much of skepticism, of doubt, of reason, even they never doubt their own minds. And your mind has brought you to the state you are in. If you are in a hell, your mind has brought you to this hell, and you never doubt this guide. You can doubt any teacher, any master, but you never doubt your mind. With unflinching faith, you move with your mind as the guru. And your mind has brought you to the mess, to the misery that you are. If you are going to doubt anything, doubt first your own mind. And whenever your mind says something, think twice…

“So do not think that your mind is not playing the same tricks. It is very intelligent, and because you think it is your mind you never doubt it. It is not yours, it is just a social product. It is not yours! It has been given to you, it has been forced upon you. You have been taught and conditioned in a certain way. From the very childhood your mind has been created by others — parents, society, teachers. The past is creating your mind, influencing your mind. The dead past is forcing itself upon the living continuously.”

– Osho

There is a big difference between your mind and your consciousness. Your mind consists of very limited thoughts. It is based on experience. Of the past.

How do you feel when you think about dying? Becoming very ill? Becoming very poor? Losing your job? Losing a loved one?

You can feel into your body how it reacts when you start to even think about these things. Yet none of them is real. None of them is happening.

This is all mind and the suffering it creates.

You must learn to trust something deeper than your mind and its thoughts if you wish to transcend the life you are living now.


What is Mind? What is Meditation?

An exercise: where will your next thought will come from?

If I ask myself this question, and give myself a moment, there arises a space in which there is no thought. A pause, if you will. A waiting. A silence.

This (and meditations of all kinds) is a way to open the door between the mind and the real you, the Observer, behind the mind.

You have thoughts, but you aren’t your thoughts. You have a body but you aren’t your body.

The suffering in life comes through identification–with our thoughts or our emotions.

Our mind is a device which can categorize everything in the world, separating and classifying. For this, it is useful.

However, all my worries about the future and emotions from the past come from my mind dwelling upon them. In that time, I miss the present. The *now*. The experience of just this moment.

Which is all there is. The future is imagination. The past is memory. In reality, there is only *now*. And if now is to be experienced as now, I can’t think about it, judge it, analyze it, compare it, criticize it, or evaluate it. I can only experience. Observe.

As long as I worry, I am not present. If I am in the past, I am not present. I react. I am programmed. But I am not really here.

Meditation is the process of finding yourself, the observer, to enter the now.

“Observation without judgement is the highest form of intelligence.” – Krishnamurti

One way to begin this process of finding the observer is to study and do meditations, such as those from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, as discussed and explained in the Book of Secrets by Osho.